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Where Are You WKNDING With Christin from @christin.lewis!

We couldn't be more excited to be featuring Christin, lifestyle blogger and beach lover. Christin runs her blog and Instagram while balancing a full time job! Check out her favorite picks from WKND WYFR, favorite travel spots, and must-have tips for fun trips! 

Travel Spots:

Jupiter, FL

Seaside, FL / 30A area

Charleston, SC



Travel Tips from Christin:

  • Plan out your favorite food and cocktail destinations and try something new if you have already been to a popular spot.
  • Always try a new adventure– it could be a new food, a new excursion, a new beach---you will create a whole new memory in your favorite travel destination.
  • Pack the dress or outfit that makes you feel free and if you don’t have one – wknd wyfr has a handbag to make you feel it.
  • If you have kids with you, don’t let that stress you (easier said than done) embrace the chaos, dust off the goldfish crumbs, explore, relax, pack the snacks/activities and drink the cocktail.
  • Do what makes you feel the best you.



"Since we are now beach locals, I am loving the coastal vibes of the Zootopia Leopard Tote."

Some of her other faves are the Flower Power Clutch, Sweater Weather pattern, and the classic Birds of a Feather which was her first WKND WYFR purchase.

Make sure to check out Christin’s lifestyle, fashion, and travels on her blog here, and visit her Instagram here! Let us know if you have any questions or recs for future WKND WYFR Travel Blog features at!


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